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Twitter backgrounds and twitter themes have been added! Also Halloween is almost here so check out all the Halloween Backgrounds! Also have many Thanksgiving Backgrounds .

Hundreds of new backgrounds have been added! If your myspace backgrounds twitter backgrounds or screensavers you came to the right place! Many new Halloween backgrounds are being added daily.

A few new backgrounds have been added which you can use for myspace, friendster, or any other social site! Also St Patricks Day backgrounds have been added and Easter backgrounds should be up soon.

A few new bacgrounds have been added. We will be adding the holiday backgrounds shortly. We will have many St Patricks Day backgrounds and Easter backgrounds.

Many new backgrounds are up.. Also holidays are coming so Valentines backgrounds are up, St Patricks Day backgrounds and Easter backgrounds will be added soon.

1/23/09- Valentines Day is coming soon so check out the Valentines backgrounds. Many new backgrounds have been added.

1/16/09- Many bew myspace, friendster, orkut, and backgrounds ahev been added. A few new Valentines backgrounds are up as well.

1/10/09- We are almost done getting The Valentines backgrounds together so they will be up shortly. Check out all the backgrounds we have for your profiles!!

1/1/09- Happy New Years everyone! Just letting you know the holiday backgrounds are coming!!

12/31/08- Its New Years Eve! Hope everyone has a happy New Year.

12/28/08- We will be adding many holiday backgrounds for you to use in your profiles so check back soon. Valentines, St Patricks Day, and Easter backgrounds are coming!

12/25/08- Merry Christmas! Check out all of our newly added backgrounds.

12/18/08- Many people keep asking for backgrounds for their 2.0 myspace profiles. We have thousands of backgrounds that can be used in tour myspace so be sure to check them all out.

12/8/08- Many new backgrounds have been added in the girls backgrounds category. These backgrounds can be used in myspace, friendster, hi5, orkut and more. Also you can use your backgrounds for your myspace 2.0 profiles. Christmas and New Years backgrounds will be gere soon. MYSPACE BACKGROUNDS

11/18/08- Many new Thanksgiving myspace backgrounds have been added so check them out. Also the Christmas backgrounds for myspace will be up in a few days.

11/3/08- Hope you are all enjoying all the myspace backgrounds we offer. There are thousands of backgrounds for your myspace profiles. Thanksgiving and Christmas myspace backgrounds will be up soon.

10/31/08- Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all like all the myspace backgrounds we provide. Many new backgrounds are added daily and there will be plebty of Thanksgiving backgrounds, Christmas backgrounds, and New Years backgrounds added soon.

10/22/08- We have added the Winter Myspace Backgrounds category today. There are plenty of animated snow and snowflakes backgrounds also cute backgrounds like snowmen and scenic backgrounds like snowy woods and trees.

10/12/08- A new myspace background category has been added today. Check out the Fall & Autumn backgrounds! You can find backgrounds of autumn leaves, scenic fall places, and nature at its finest on a beautiful autumn day.

10/06/08- Halloween myspace backgrounds have been added. We have almost 40 pages of halloween myspace backgrounds. You can find sexy halloween backgrounds, horror movie backgrounds like Michael Meyers, Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Freddy Krueger from Nightmare On Elm Street and so many more. There are also plain halloween backgrounds, cute backgrounds, and cartoon backgrounds.

9/29/08- Added more myspace backgrounds for your profiles today. Check out the Pinup Girls myspace backgrounds section. Filled with fun, seasonal, and sexy pinup girl backgrounds. More myspace backgrounds will be added soon! We will be also adding Halloween myspace backgrounds, Thanksgiving Myspace backgrounds, Christmas myspace backgrounds, and even New Years myspace backgrounds.

9/21/08- Another new myspace backgrounds category has been added today! Check out the Plaid backgrounds. Many new backgrounds will be added soon.

9/10/08- Two new myspace background categories have been added today! Added the clouds - sky backgrounds filled with beautiful pictures of the skies and really uniques pictures of the clouds. Also updated the Colors - Green backgrounds. Now there are many more to chose from. The Colors - Yellow backgrounds were added to. Many more myspace backgrounds will be added.

9/06/08- Many new backgrounds have been added. Also just wanted to let youknow that the holidays re coming up and we will be adding Halloween myspace backgrounds, Thanksgiving myspace backgrounds, Christmas myspace backgrounds, and New Years myspace backgrounds.

8/22/08- Another new backgrounds cateory added. Today we added the gothic myspace backgrounds. There are really cool backgrounds of gothic woman, cemetaries, and cool goth patterns.

8/20/08- New myspace backgrounds category has been added!! The fairy backgrounds are now up. Here you can find pretty fairies, dark fairies, punk fairies, and gothic fairies to use as your background.

8/19/08- Two new myspace background categories were added today. Check out the colors beige and marble background categories.

Check out the swirls backgrounds. Here there are many fun colorful swirly backgrounds for you to use on your myspace profiles.

The stripes myspace backgrounds are now up. There are colorful rainbow stripes, plain soldi stripes, and vertical stripes.

Check out the stars myspace backgrounds. There are many different types of stars in this category like flashing stars, glittering stars, and regular stars.

Sports backgrounds are up. There are plenty of backgrounds of your favorite sports!

Backgrounds of space the solar system and earth can all be found in our new space myspace backgrounds category.

Check out the Skulls backgrounds. Many dark, funny, and scary skulls can be found in this category and be used in your myspace profile.

Seascape backgrounds are up. Many beautiful and scenic backgrounds of areas near the ocean and water are in this category. Myspace Backgrounds of the oceans are also here.

Religious backgrounds are up. There are plenty of backgrounds of famous religious spots and many Jesus backgrounds.

Added the people category which is filled with cute babies and random people and celebrities.

Added the patterns backgrounds category today. Here are a bunch of random patterns and vintage patterns for your myspace. Many new backgrounds coming soon.

Nature backgrounds category is now up! Many popular scenic placesfrom all over the world are in this category. If your looking for a beautiful ocean view, or a green landscape, or mountains and skies, then this is your category!

Added the Movies & TV backgrounds. You can find Star Wars backgrounds, Lord of the Rings, Grease, and much more. The music backgrounds have been added. Check these out for backgrounds of your favorite artists like 50 cent, Tupac. Christina Aguillera, Britney Spears, and more.

Plenty of glitter backgrounds have been added! So mant different colors and different kinds of glitter are in this section. Also added the historical backgrounds where you can find the people and events that have left an impact.

Digital backgrounds have been out up. Also added many new graphics to the emo myspace background section. For the girls we added the flower section filled with sunflower, rose, and tulips backgrounds and added the girly backgrounds section. Put up the food and drink backgrounds. Here you can find backgrounds of your favorite foods like strawberries, chocolate, oranges, and all your favorite goodies. many new myspace backgrounds.

Country backgrounds are now up! Also added so mant new backgrounds to the dark section where you can find skulls, vampires, and much more. We have put up the Designer & Fashion backgrounds. If your looking for Chanel, Dooney and Bourke, Coach, Prada, Guess, or any other designer background then check this section out.

Birthday backgrounds have been put up! Also check out all the butterfly backgrounds. Plenty of new car and city bacgrounds have been put up today. We added so mant new backgrounds to the color sections. If your looking for a plain color like black backgrounds, red, green, purple, or grey backgrounds then check these out.

Thousands of new myspace backgrounds have been added! Also many new categories. Check out the angel backgrounds, Anime backgrounds, and artistic backgrounds. Also we added many new background graphics to the aviation category.

Take a look at our latest category, movie & tv backgrounds.

Another 50 new myspace backgrounds were added today. To see all of the myspace backgrounds, click here.

Another new myspace backgrounds category was added. Check out the cars myspace backgrounds!

We've added a new category today, check out the sports myspace backgrounds.

Today is the launch of We're in the proccess in adding more myspace backgrounds. Check back soon! .

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